This page is for interactive sites.

The Image This site provides viewers with a really close up view of an ordinary object. The viewer is supposed to figure out what the object is from that picture. If they need help, they can mouse over the picture to see another close up picture of the object. Clicking on the picture will reveal the whole picture. Very challenging.

Flex Your Brain Visitors to this site can play Bumper Cows, Sound Sequence or Dunk Tank. All fun games to test memory and reflexes.


Letter Rip This game requires players to make words of three or more letters.

Magic Ball Players use the arrow keys to move back and forth. Then use the space bar to shoot balls at matching color balls to clear the screen.

Hex A game of logic where the player tries to get his marbles in a connecting line across the board while blocking the opposing player from getting his marbles across the board.

School Express

Fiver - Try to turn all the pieces from white to black with the shortest number of moves possible.

Sliders Scrammble the puzzle and then try to slide the pieces to get them back to their original order.

School Express Bunches and bunches of fun games.